About the Podcast

Heavy Conversation talks about the issues many plus size people deal with every day. From finding clothes that fit, to dating, to the myth that fat people can’t be active – we’re taking on each topic and offering tips and solutions. Join Chubstr Founder Bruce Sturgell and Bear Skn CEO Jody Koenig each week as they discuss a subject and enjoy an adult beverage. 


Bruce Sturgell Heavy Conversation Podcast


About Bruce Sturgell

Bruce Sturgell is the Founder of big men's fashion and lifestyle site, Chubstr.com. Frustrated by lack of choices and representation, Bruce created Chubstr to help plus size people find, create, and shre their style with the world. In doing so, he became a voice for others who were struggling to see men with bodies reflective of their own, creating a map of accessible fashion for all. Today, Chubstr highlights other stylish plus-size men and continues to shine a light on brands creating stylish, accessible clothing for bigger bodies with masculine tastes.




About Jody Koenig

Jody Koenig is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bear Skn, the brand making comfortable and fun big & tall underwear with sizes to 6X. The company grew out of the realization that most underwear only seemed to be made for a certain body type. Bear Skn is the perfect combination of support, comfort, and affordability that bigger guys are looking for in their underwear.